Branded Ingredients Create Value for Food Manufacturers


Why Branded Ingredients Create Value for Food Suppliers

Today’s consumers and buyers have more product choices than ever. Which brand? Which one is the best? Where should I buy it?

With all of these choices, buyers rely on what they know (or perceive) when selecting the most meaningful choice. It is the choice that best reflects what they want or need at a particular time. Good brands save time for the buyer, and the buyer often equates the best brand with the best product.

For manufacturers and food sellers, using branded ingredients can strengthen perceptions of their own existing brand, or can potentially add an entirely new set of brand attributes. Branded ingredients build brand equity, enhancing the final product’s value and providing a stronger point of differentiation among competitors.

How does using branded ingredients save the manufacturer and food service professional money and increase profits? Let’s take a look.

Branded Ingredients Help Control Yield Variances

Suppliers have to fulfill certain product standards. You pay the supplier based on receiving certain grades, attributes or characteristics for each product that you buy. It is crucial to control attributes in materials handling and resource utilization because it affects the outcome of the average yield and the sales value of your finished product.

If the ingredients that you purchase consistently produce different batch yields or flavors because of ever changing product attributes, then you are probably losing money. Branded product manufacturers are very precise in determining yield and measuring consumption trends Part of what you pay for with branded products includes regular, professional communications from the seller / manufacturer that describes changes in trends, supply or updated product attributes. As your partner in production, the degree of precision that they provide for you determines whether you make or lost money on your final costs.

Branded Ingredients vs Cooking from Scratch

Many manufacturers and food sellers pride themselves on preparing their products completely from scratch in the hopes of achieving a point of product differentiation. While this may sound good in theory, it doesn’t always translate into profitable business practice.

Using branded products in food manufacturing provides consistency in taste, flavor and price that is not impacted by changes in the labor supply, staff turnover or access to seasonal commodities and ingredients. Replacing scratch products with high quality branded ingredients can increase overall profitability, as well as create more targeted tasks for your skilled labor pool.

Customer Support Provides Value

The criteria for supplier selection should always include quality, price, and service. A supplier that is motivated to build and maintain a consistent brand is more likely to be more dedicated to making the supplier/customer partnership work. The best suppliers will welcome interest in their brand and in how they are handling the product. Often customers believe that their chosen vendor’s high operating standards are a point of difference from their competitors.

It is important to view suppliers as partners in the business. Established brands are more likely to have the infrastructure in place to handle exceptional shipping requests and allow payment terms for its customers. Established brand partners can also respond more quickly to changes in regulatory and governmental changes and can communicate the impact of these changes to you. All of these built-in services save their customers time and money.

About our Company: The Cook’s Delight brand has been manufactured and sold in the United States since 1938. We supply our base and broth concentrate products to major manufacturers and distributors across the United States. Our dedicated sales, business development, audit and governmental process teams are an important part of our brand experience. Please contact us for more information on our products.


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