Take the guesswork out of your foodservice recipes, and save labor with Cook’s Delight® soup bases, flavor concentrates, sauce mixes, gravy bases, and rubs.  The culinary expertise and innovation behind the Cook’s Delight® brand translate into consistent, predictable flavor profiles that will win you loyalty from your customers.

Assisting Chefs across the Country

Since the 1930s, Integrative Flavors has successfully assisted chefs and foodservice culinary teams across the country in developing creative signature foodservice recipes. Our culinary team stays abreast of emerging menu trends in the food industry and uses that information to develop innovative products that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Foodservice Distributors and Brokers

Cook’s Delight® is pleased to offer unique opportunities to foodservice distributors. Private label soup bases and flavor concentrates are available.

We work with foodservice brokers as well, and welcome broker inquiries. Contact us to connect with our sales rep in your area.

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Broker and distributor inquiries welcome.

Integrative Flavors Soup Bases
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