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The Meatless Monday movement continues to grow in popularity and foodservice menus are incorporating more options for diners.  Cook’s Delight® soup bases and flavor concentrates are the perfect foundation flavor for meatless recipes and menu items across all foodservice segments. Cook’s Delight® soup bases and flavor concentrates give your recipes a consistent, predictable flavor profile while improving quality management and saving on labor, too.

With the growing number of diners choosing vegetarian and vegan menu items Cook’s Delight® soup bases provide flexible ingredient solutions for large volume food production.  Our bases are not just for soups. Cook’s Delight® vegetarian and vegan soup bases and flavor concentrates enhance the flavor of almost any meatless recipe.  Use in pasta fillings, sauces, dips, salsas, vegetables, salads, appetizers, breads, rice, salad dressings and more!

Meatless Recipes

Build your meatless recipe library of tasty menu items with these vegetarian  and vegan recipes.  Explore additional foodservice recipes in our recipe library for your non-meatless meals. Cook’s Delight® soup base products are economical and easy to use.


Do you know the consumer demand for nutrition concerns on your foodservice menu? Find out how Cook’s Delight® soup bases can help you offer the healthy choice. Learn more about our Cook’s Delight® Simply Soup Base line of Clean Label soup bases, broth concentrates and flavor concentrates.


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