Soup Bases & Your Foodservice Menu


From soup of the day to signature soups, clean label Cook’s Delight® soup bases give you the culinary advantage. With versatile foodservice menu applications, every package of Cook’s Delight® soup base you open in your foodservice kitchen helps you soup up your menu success! Discover how Cook’s Delight® soup bases help you leverage top foodservice trends in foodservice menus today.


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Soup Drives Loyalty & Revenues

Research by Technomic (Left Side of the Menu: Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, February 2014) confirms that soup drives customer loyalty. Forty-six percent of consumers said they visit certain restaurants specifically because they enjoy the soup.

About half of consumers say it’s important that soup be bundled with other items.

Also, half of consumers want to try new and unique soups. In fact more than one-third of foodservice customers say they order soup from the menu specifically to try a new soup variety.

Ethnic Soups and Flavors are in Demand

Both the Technomic survey about soup and the 2014 National Restaurant Association’s Culinary Forecast underscore a top menu trend: Consumers, especially younger ones, are eager for ethnic flavors in their soups—and across the menu.

Cook’s Delight® flavor concentrates such as Cook’s Delight® Chipotle Concentrate and Cook’s Delight® Roasted Garlic Flavor Concentrate give you versatile and predictable flavor profiles for all your ethnic recipes and innovations. Have you tried the Cook’s Delight® recipe for Chipotle Potatoes?  How about our Mushroom and Artichoke Pizza recipe with roasted garlic gravy as the sauce?

Technomic researchers also point out that foodservice operations are competing with home meals. Thus, “It’s vital for restaurant operators to emphasize uniqueness in order to keep soup and salad lovers coming through the door,” they say.

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