Food Industry Challenges with Non-GMO Demand


Food Industry Challenges with Non-GMO Demand When a customer requests that a food product be Non-GMO, the first question that comes up is, “What exactly is your definition of Non-GMO?”  Defining a non-GMO food Since there is no clear cut definition of the terms that people use, we first have to […]

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Spanish Rice Recipe

Must Be Rice There are so many wonderful ways to pair rice with your favorite Cook’s Delight® soup base. Rice is a versatile grain that can really accentuate the theme of any dish. Try modifying the classic pilaf using butternut squash, apple and cranberries in place of the usual mirepoix […]

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3 Tips to Survive Your Cleanse

3 Tips to Survive Your Cleanse Elimination diets are all the rage at the moment. If you aren’t on a cleanse diet right now or haven’t tried it, it’s guaranteed that you know someone who has. Everyone on social media has at least one friend who is posting daily about how […]

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Ethnic Foods and Peppers Trending in 2016

Ethnic Condiments and Cuisine Of the top food trends for 2016, ethnic condiments and cuisine continue to grow in interest among chefs surveyed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA). According to the NRA study, 80% of consumers eat at least one ethnic cuisine per month. These cuisines include Italian, Mexican and […]

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Tips to Prevent a Food Recall for Undeclared Allergens

6 Tips to Avoid Undeclared Allergen Food Recall Educational Poster Integrative Flavors is pleased to release our Food Safety Series Educational Poster –  6 Tips to Avoid Undeclared Allergen Food Recall to support Food Manufacturing education on allergen management.  To continue to receive free resources from Integrative Flavors, sign up for our mailing list. […]

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Poutine on the Ritz!

Poutine on the Ritz! The poutine is a Canadian dish, originating in the diners and greasy spoons of Quebec. The classic poutine consists of French fries, cheese curds and light brown gravy and can be found popping up on menus all across the country. One of the great things about […]

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Pork Molé Poutine

Pork Molé Poutine adds an ethnic twist to the traditional poutine.  Substitute grilled pork or chicken for the pulled pork for additional selections for your menu.  This recipe can be easily scaled up. Ingredients 2 cup Cook’s Delight® Organic Chicken Stock (1 cup boiling water combined with 2 tsp Cook’s Delight® Chicken Base made with Organic […]

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Vodka Shrimp Poutine

Vodka Shrimp Poutine is an upscale variation of the traditional poutine.  Substitute lobster or scallops for the shrimp for additional selections for your menu.  This recipe can be easily scaled up. Ingredients 1 cup Cook’s Delight® Shrimp Stock (1 cup boiling water combined with 3/4 tsp Cook’s Delight® Shrimp Soup Base) 1/2 cup heavy […]

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Drunken Shroom Poutine

This variation on a traditional poutine recipe incorporates steak, mushrooms and Porter beer along with Cook’s Delight® Mushroom Flavor Concentrate to enhance the flavor of this dish. This recipe can be easily scaled up. Ingredients (4 servings) 2 cups Cook’s Delight® Mushroom Stock (2 cups boiling water combined with 1 1/2 tsp Cook’s Delight® […]

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Why and How to Beat Sodium Explodium™

Why and How to Beat Sodium Explodium™ As nutrition advice continues to emerge with advancements in nutrition research, there’s one nutrient that continues to live in the spotlight—sodium. This year, the 2015-2020 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans released its sodium advice: “Limit sodium to less than 2,300 mg per […]

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