Blue Label Blends™


Blue Label Blends™ by Cook’s Delight® deliver exceptional flavor solutions for your chicken, meats, seafood, sides, soups, and more. Our specially formulated blends combine some of today’s most popular flavors, such as chipotle, ancho, roasted garlic, vegetables, chicken, and beef in clean-label, seasoning formulations.

Discover the benefits. Blue Label Blends™:

  • Equip you with foundational ingredients for high-performing flavor combinations
  • Position you to offer new ethnic menu items in line with today’s top culinary trends
  • Help you manage quality with consistent flavor profiles
  • Eliminate dependency on seasonal product availability
  • Ensure reliable yields on your foodservice recipes
  • Reduce your time and the investment of expertise in recipe development
  • Save valuable labor hours in recipe prep and execution

Blue Label Blends™ varieties include: Chipotle, Ancho & Roasted Garlic Blend; Chicken & Veggie Blend; Roasted Garlic Chicken Blend; Chipotle Roasted Garlic Blend; Chipotle Chicken Blend; Roasted Garlic Beef Blend; Organic Chicken & Veggie Blend.

Blue Label Blends™ by Cook’s Delight® are gluten free, with no big 8 allergens. Choose from among vegetarian, vegan, and No MSG or No MSG Added options as well… adaptable to all your patrons’ special nutrition needs and preferences. All Blue Label Blends™ by Cook’s Delight® are formulated as a paste for convenient incorporation into all your recipes. Looking for menu inspiration? Browse the collection of Cook’s Delight® Recipes.

Explore our vast selection of Blue Label Blends, soup bases and flavor concentrates on the Complete Product List for full details.


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